Senior Portraits for the Yearbook Only are FREE!

Portrait Make up dates

Seniors who were unable to have portraits taken during the summer will be scheduled on one of the dates below.  Posters will be placed around the school with students’ date and time of their portrait.  Portraits for the yearbook only are free.  A yearbook staff member will arrive at the student’s class 10 minutes before the scheduled portrait time and will escort the student to the Auditorium stage.  Every effort will be made to schedule students during their elective courses, but this will not be possible in some cases.  

Photo Date 

Yearbook Senior Portrait Guidelines:

  • Students may provide their own appropriate, celebratory attire for senior portraits as defined by the student and/or their family in lieu of tuxedo/gown options
  • Attire is not gender specific
  • Celebratory attire is not limited to any particular color scheme (i.e, black and white only, etc.)  
  • As always, traditional tuxedos and gown drapes will be available to students as one of their portrait options. Students have the choice to exercise personal preference in wearing either the studio-provided tuxedo, gown drape, or their own attire for their senior portrait.  
  • Senior portrait attire should be free of written statements, corporate logos, or images of people (to avoid the potential for offensive or controversial content). Symbols that may be construed as written statements may receive further consideration/review, as appropriate.

Submit your Baby Photo Here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I am/will be absent on the date of my scheduled portrait? Staff members will escort you from your class on the next portrait calendar date. If scheduled on the last day of portraits, and you are absent, you must schedule your own appointment with Lifetouch Portraits at: (855) 918-2930
  • What if I want a retake of my summer portrait? Please contact Dana Simel at: so that you will be scheduled.
  • What if I will be graduating but am not listed as a senior? Contant Dana Simel at

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